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Canadian Inuit Sculpture

The "Inuit Art Centre" ("IAC") of the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada , Government of Canada, operates a Research and Documentation Section with over 4,000 Inuit artist files, over 100,000 slides and photographs, artists' interviews, videos, and a research library.

The IAC "Research and Documentation Section" web page offers much useful information online. This including a listing of Inuit artists for which biographies maybe be ordered and electronic versions of at least two of their publications: Transitions - Contemporary Canadian Indian and Inuit Art and the updated edition of the 1993 publication Canadian Inuit Sculpture (see below).

"Canadian Inuit Sculpture " was updated in 2003 as an electronic brochure. It provides an excellent overview of the development of Inuit sculpture and a perspective on both methods and materials employed. It also describes and illustrates the various regional differences in style and subject of the sculptures. A map showing the current Inuit art producing communities in northern Canada is included. This publication is only available on the internet site.


Inuit Prints

Schoolnet Digital Collections is a production by young Canadians under contract to Industry Canada. Look for their file "Cape Dorset Inuit Art and Inuit Cultural Perspectives". This file brings the works of graphic art and the recollections of Inuit elders together. The file is a partnership between the Library of the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs and Industry Canada and employed the students at Peter Pitseolak School in Cape Dorset and at Atagutaaluk School in Igloolik.

The descriptions of the traditional life of the Inuit people are from an extensive collection of recorded interviews with the elders of Igloolik. Several items of cultural information are linked to particular slides from the Cape Dorset Graphic Art Collection.


Arctic Info

The "Elliott Avedon Museum & Archive Of Games" is part of the University of Waterloo situated in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. This site offers several virtual exhibits including an excellent online exhibit on Inuit (Eskimo) Games. Click on Exhibits to locate the Inuit exhibit and numerous others.

The Avataq Cultural Institute was created in 1980 with a mandate to protect and promote Inuit language and culture in Nunavik (arctic Québec). The "Avataq" site is funded by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) and displays a small portion of their art collection archives as well as providing very interesting information on Nunavik and its various communities. Click on "The Collection" and then on sculpture, prints, etc to learn more. I recommend this site to all.

"GeoNative" is a useful resource and lists both officially changed (and not changed) Inuktitut names of arctic communities in Canada and Greenland and cross references them with their English and Danish colonial names. This site also contains several maps showing the locations of Inuit arctic communities. Other pages connected to this page of GeoNative reference the Inuit in Alaska and the Yupik of Central Alaska and Siberia as well as the Innu (Algonquian Amerindians) of Quebec/Labrador.


Timmins Info

The "City Of Timmins" site was prepared by the Timmins Economic Development Corporation and helps promote the City of Timmins. I encourage you to come see this award winning site and learn more about our home, the "City with the Heart of Gold" and home of Shania Twain and the Shania Twain Interprative Centre. We are listed under Art Galleries under the "Economic Development & Community Information" tab on the top tool bar.

The City of Timmins site won the Economic Development Council of Ontario 1999 EDCO AWARD OF DISTINCTION.

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